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During the Duel, Zuzu appreciated Sora's cute-looking monsters, though she was surprised when he Fusion Summoned and she comforted a scared Allie.

Shay and Yuto care for her due to her likeness to Lulu, and Sora and Celina are protective of her as she is their first friend and opened their eyes to the lies and cruelty of Duel Academy.

Zuzu Boyle

However, Yuya failed to Pendulum Summon during his turnso he instead urged Zuzu to attack him, under the impression that the pinch would allow him to Pendulum Summon. In her debut, she was able to smash the Solid Vision technology to the point where it malfunctioned with one punch.

When Zuzu refused to go with Yurishe performed several backflips in quick succession and landed with tamtam dating app. Eventually, she stated that regardless of whether Yuya had attacked Sylvio or not, the loss would damage the reputation of LID and could not go unanswered.

Realizing that she would be portrayed as the villain, she urged Yuya to exchange insults with her, and Yuya came up with the concept that she was The Sledgehammer's sidekick.

During the Friendship Cup, Zuzu wears one of Rin's Turbo Dueling outfits; a predominantly white one-piece short-sleeved jacket-miniskirt combination with light pink shoulder pads and hot pink markings, in addition to back pockets; long white gloves with light pink elbow pads that extend over her elbows, hot pink pants, and white knee-length form-fitting boots with light pink kneepads.

Her surname, Hiiragi, refers to the Osmanthus heterophyllus, an evergreen bush native to Japan that is similar to holly. Zuzu and Lulu are the only two out of the counterparts to have surnames. Her first dub name is based on her Japanese name and is also an Eastern European diminutive of 'Susan'.

The strongest examples so far included when she started to cry when she was worried that Yuya would never wake up while he was unconscious for a few days after his encounter with Yuto and Yugoand upon being separated from Yuya in the Synchro Dimension.

Zuzu has blue eyes and dark pink midback-length hair, which she wears tied up in pigtails, clipped down by blue, spherical hair clips. These powers seem to be connected to Yuya and his counterpartsactivating whenever Zuzu, Yuya and any of his counterparts are in close proximity. As Zuzu tried to locate the mysterious Duelist, Yuya ran into the warehouse and asked her what had happened, commenting on the smell of smoke.

She also wears white boots. According to Yuya, Zuzu was always there for Yuya in his childhood when he was being tormented over his father's disappearance and would comfort him. Zuzu was blasted back by "Master Diamond" and lost her Duel. Nevertheless, her anger eventually faded, though Sora continued to interrupt them over the course of the day, putting Yuya in a bad mood.

While in the Underground Labor Factory, Zuzu wore one of the factory's uniforms: Yuya showed up afterwards, as Skip had sent him to find her. They pointed out that Zuzu had seen it too; she remained silent, unsure of what she'd seen.

Zuzu jumped at the opportunity to grab an Action Card, only to find that she was looking at a reflection of it, proving Julia's analysis of Zuzu's current state of mind. Zuzu is interrupted by the Dark Duelist. Zuzu was more shocked about the state of Sylvio and his friends, until Sora reassured her that he'd simply knocked them unconscious.

Abilities Zuzu is quite athletic and acrobatic. After hearing of Yuya's goal to become stronger, she also decided that she should do that as well.Watch Buceta loca de tesao video caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos.

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You can now stay tuned, in real time, to all the TS Escort Activity that is happening on TS4Rent! Zuzu Boyle, known as Yuzu Hiiragi (柊(ひいらぎ) 柚(ゆ)子(ず) Hīragi Yuzu) in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Tamtam dating app
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